Ep 003: Anxiety

For some context – the latest data suggests 1 in 6 children has a probable mental health challenge – so in a typical state school class of 30 children that’s 5 children in each and every class in every school from aged reception all the way up to year 11 struggling with their mental health. Now, not all will have anxiety – but understanding the basic principles around mental health are key if we are going to turn the tide on this scary epidemic – and it starts young!!!

In this episode we will talk about what anxiety is, how you might know your child is struggling with anxiety, and what can you start doing now to help.

Here are the highlights: 

{1:29} The scale of mental health issues

{3:52} Imagine a seesaw

{7:05} Think about it from your child’s perspective

{9:00} The physical effects of anxiety

{12:53} Managing the internal dialogue

{14:57} The common signs of anxiety


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