Ep 006: Parenting & Co-Parenting

Parenting is harder now than it has ever been. We are busier than ever, juggling more, and we don’t always share the same views as our partner about how to best parent. It’s then a whole different minefield to navigate if you and your partner have split and are now co-parenting; not always amicably. 

This podcast episode is for you if….. 

You want to be more consistent with your parenting 

You are prepared to take a really honest look at how you parent – warts and all 

You want practical ways to co-parent without the battles


Here are the highlights: 

{0:39} The 5 bedtime parenting styles 

{2:45} Children thrive on consistent parenting 

{8:34} Children’s behaviour tells us how they’re feeling 

{10:13} Children learn how to self-regulate through observation 

(13:41} Answering back is disrespectful 

{18:50} Children should be grateful for all we do 

{21:17} The Sunday family meeting template


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