Ep 007: A Personal Mental Health Journey with Kim Burrows

In this episode I am joined by Kim Burrows who shares their personal mental health story with us.  

We know there is a rising mental health crisis and by talking so candidly about their journey Kim helps us as parents see things from the perspective of a child. An opportunity not to be missed! 

Kim’s mental health journey started at just 6 years old!!! Now at 30 years old, Kim has a real drive to advocate and talk opening about their mental health journey in the hope it helps others find their voice too. 

So as parents, educators, grandparents, nannies or anyone else interested in raising confident, resilient children, I hope you are able to come away and reflect on how you might approach things slightly differently with your children – now you are armed with all this new knowledge. 


Here are the highlights: 

{1:50} Identifying as non-binary 

{4:04} Developing an eating disorder at six 

{9:23} I was very aware of judgment 

{13:30} Mental heath seen as behavioural issues 

{15:30} The youngest child syndrome 

{21:10} Fulfilling the sibling roles into adulthood 

{25:54} The fear of not being good enough 

{32:14} Good kids aren’t rewarded for being good 

{35:59} A late bloomer 

{41:08} Don’t assume you know why a child is acting out 


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