Ep 023: Social Media – What We Need to Wise Up to As Parents

Some of you may know that on 28th October 2021 I wrote across all my social media accounts that I had found my continued use of social media platforms untenable with my passion for children’s wellbeing. 

I want this episode to be an honest conversation about social media so we can make more informed decisions about their use for our families.  

As parents we should know the dangers these platforms pose for our children’s emotional wellbeing and feel confident we can help equip our children make better choices about social media use. 


Here are the highlights: 

{0:32} My decision to quit social media 

{7:32} Social media can fuel self-confidence issues in our children 

{13:29} We need to educate ourselves as parents 

{17:13} With privilege comes responsibility 

{22:28} Our children can be accidentally exposed to harmful content 


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