Ep 024: Fear – How It Stops Our Children from Being Their Best Selves

Broadly speaking I would put fear into two categories. The fear which is real and the fear which we perceive. 

Perceived fear occurs when we encounter a situation which feels overwhelming. We imagine all manner of scenarios which don’t bode well. We are in no real life threatening or immediate danger but our body reacts as though it were. Our fight, flight or freeze mechanism is activated.  

This type of fear holds us and our children back from reaching our full potential. So, in this episode I get super practical and share with you exactly how I help children move on from fear to find their courage. 


Here are the highlights: 

{2:54} Fight, flight or freeze 

{9:52} The Serenity Prayer 

{13:30} Our perceived fear at work 

{19:32} Your inner cheerleader 

{24:05} Do not fear failure 


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