Ep 025: Helping Children Find Their Voice and Respect the Choice of Others

Children who find their voice have a strong sense of who they are, are able to stand up for themselves, can express their views without fear, are respectful of others, accept differences, and as a result are well-liked by their peers. I believe, as parents, we should all be striving to raise children with a voice as all these character traits are key to living an adult life confidently and compassionately. 

In this podcast episode I share my top five strategies and a great free resource to help you get started! 


Here are the highlights: 

{1:38} Children are buildings under construction 

{5:38} Create opportunities for children to express their opinion 

{8:03} The Conscious Parent by Shefali Tsabary 

{11:42} The power of undivided attention 

{15:12} Introvert vs Extrovert 

{22:29} Pay attention and listen to your child’s perspective 


Find out more and connect with Dr. Maryhan at www.drmaryhan.com  

To access the free resources mentioned in this episode visit https://drmaryhan.com/library 

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