Ep 031: Creating a Positive Learning Environment with Clare Ford

In this episode I am joined by Clare Ford as we talk about how we can create a positive learning environment for our children to succeed academically. I know this is a topic I get asked about all the time! 

We talk through the common challenges we face as parents – how do we encourage our children to learn without nagging!!  

Clare is an award winning education expert with over 20 years’ teaching experience, an international best-selling author and Founder of SwitchedON!, the cutting-edge global education platform offering inspirational education and parenting solutions.   


Here are the highlights:  

(03:24) Let’s think about what we don’t want 

(07:31) Create a space to talk and identify the triggers 

(16:19) Trust your child’s better judgment 

(20:59) Respect your child’s unique skills and attributes 

(28:25) Every child is different 

(32:31) The benefits of being fully present 

(37:03) The higher self is where the magic happens 


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