Ep 032: Navigating Uncertainty Successfully

I want to talk about all things related to uncertainty. You might instinctively think about the global pandemic, yet there are so many other types of uncertainty our children, teens, and young adults will need to learn to navigate – changing school, applying to university, moving house, forming new friendships.   

Some people have a high tolerance to uncertainty, whilst others worry excessively and become paralysed with fear. I will share my top five strategies to help navigate uncertainty more successfully.   


Here are the highlights 

(02:27) Does your child have a low tolerance to uncertainty?

(07:49) Top 5 strategies to manage your child’s tolerance 

(09:17) No. 1 – Be fully present 

(14:19) No. 2 – Focus on the things you CAN control 

(17:16) No. 3 – Practice being contrary  

(21:53) No. 4 – Manage your internal chatter 

(28:14) No. 5 – Practicing gratitude  


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