Ep 048: Interview with Anna Mathur

Enjoy my conversation with the amazing Anna Mathur, a psychotherapist, mother of three and best selling author of Mind Over Mother.  Anna’s passion for taking therapy out of the therapy room has culminated in her wonderful new book The Little Book of Clam for New Mums, which I feel is a must read for any mother regardless of the age of your children. We talk rage & irritability, fears of judgements, self-care, and missing our pre-children life. A must listen for every mum.   

Click here to buy THE LITTLE BOOK OF CALM FOR NEW MUMS by Anna Mathur 


Here are the highlights: 

(03:17) The Little Book of Calm for New Mums 

(05:51) Dealing with overwhelm as a new mum 

(09:08) Losing your voice of intuition 

(15:44) We don’t always like our children… and that’s ok! 

(21:57) Validate your emotions 

(24:23) The importance of self-care 

(28:24) The shame of missing our old lives 

(35:42) It’s harder to reflect when you’re full of feeling 


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