Ep 049: Let’s Talk Children’s Mental Health

I want to talk about children’s mental health. What is it, why do we keep hearing about rising numbers in it, what are the common factors which affect it, and are some children more likely to have issues with it???? I will then share my top 5 tips on how we can best equip our children to safeguard their mental health.   



Here are the highlights: 

(00:52) What do we mean by mental health? 

(04:19) Our experiences leave a chemical signature 

(07:20) Common factors affecting mental health 

(13:19) It’s ok to be a parent with mental health issues 

(17:03) Children must learn how to problem solve 

(19:52) Teach our children about self-care 

(24:42) Promote regular reflective practice 

(28:15) Maintain connections 


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