Ep 056: Should I Be Worried About My Child’s Mental Health?

This episode touches on the slightly uncertain ground many parents face as to whether they should or shouldn’t be worried about their child’s mental health.

Maybe your child lacks a little confidence, they struggle to manage their emotions sometimes or often, maybe they even say they don’t like themselves or they wish they weren’t around anymore. Is this something which all children go through or should you be worried???

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Here are the highlights: 

(00:27) Raising confident, resilient kids 

(02:30) Prevention is better than cure 

(07:37) Equipping our children with emotional literacy 

(13:00) Accept your child’s reality in that moment 

(16:52) Acknowledge how your child feels 

(23:58) Consider the impact of external factors 

(26:13) Let’s do a family audit 


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