Ep 061: Being a Step-Mum with Katie Harrison

This episode isn’t just for you if you are step-mum, it’s for every mum, dad, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, nanny etc who stands at the school gate, does nursery or pre-school pick up. 

Blended families are on the increase and societally we have failed to recognise and support step-mums and the unique challenges they face. 

Being a step-mum can be incredibly isolating and as a result the incidence of mental health issues are much higher than birth mothers.

Join my conversation with Katie Harrison of Stepmumspace to get a glimpse into a step-mum’s daily challenges, and how we can all better support each other – in whichever way we become parents. 


Here are the highlights: 

(00:00) Introduction 

(02:33) A coincidental journey fuelled by passion 

(05:33) Fairy tale stereotypes of the evil step-mother 

(09:41) Our role in society 

(14:38) Bereavement versus separation 

(17:30) Societal gender biases 

(20:29) The relationship between step-mum and biologcal mum 

(25:01) Projecting our own anxiety on to our children 

(28:08) It’s ok to talk about feelings 


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