Ep 065: Interview with Josh Connolly; Being Dad and Talking Emotions

Josh is one of the UK’s most influential mental health advocates. Josh has also spoken in the House of Commons, contributed to mental health policy and even advised the scriptwriting team on Hollyoaks. He has run resilience workshops for village schools and global brands alike. Additionally, he is an ambassador for Nacoa – a national charity supporting people affected by a parent’s drinking.

In this episode he talks about being a dad, resilience, children’s emotions and how it all has to start with us. A must listen whether you’re a parent, someone who cares for children, or a friend of a parent.   



Here are the highlights: 

(02:19) Helping people to understand resilience 

(05:27) Learning from my own experiences 

(10:29) I lacked someone who could help me make sense of the darkness 

(15:48) The system needs to get their priorities straight! 

(20:59) Start from a place of being emotionally ready 

(24:09) Your kids have a right to feel mad and sad 

(29:10) Show up in your most authentic way 


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