Ep 71: Helping Children Manage Exam Stress with Stephanie Haynes

In this episode Stephanie shares her strategies as an educational consultant and coach for supporting children and teens as they navigate tests and exams. 

Whether your children are taking tests which measure their progress, exams to get into their next schools, or exams at 16 and 18 which are likely to determine University or career pathways you’ll want to listen to this. In fact I found so many great tips for talking to our children about life and challenges – beyond tests – so you’re in for a real treat. 



Here are the highlights: 

(03:11) A test grade does not define our children 

(08:37) We live in a comparison culture 

(13:48) Teachers and parents need to use the same language 

(20:27) Separating our identity from what we do 

(22:01) The football analogy 

(27:37) Taking the anxiety out of tests 


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