Ep 78: Real Life Parenting with Izzy Judd

Wife to Harry, Mummy to Lola Kit & Lockie, Violinist, and Author of Dare to Dream & Mindfulness 4 Mums. 

With all the ‘perceived’ privilege and celebrity status people might attach to someone with over three hundred thousand followers on Instagram Izzy couldn’t be more real, humble, and honest about her and Harry’s parenting journey – from IVF, childhood anxiety, to juggling three children. 

I know Izzy’s honesty has been a lifeline to so many mothers who relate so much to her stories and her tips for integrating mindfulness into day-to-day parenting, in a way which brings our children on board is incredible. 

You’re in a for a real treat.    


Here are the highlights: 

(02:12) How’s the juggle? 

(06:35) I was failing my family 

(11:17) A constant reminder of the pain 

(16:53) I need control 

(23:47) Tackling the mum guilt 

(28:20) The Story of the Day 

(33:44) Mindfulness for mums 

(37:30) Searching for the right way 

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