Ep 005: Bedroom Routines and Sleep

Sleep is so important for children and yet we often have so many issues getting our children to bed! This podcast will look at ways we can establish good bedtime routines, how we help children who need us there in order to fall asleep as well as those children who struggle to switch off that busy brain. I will also be talking about extra considerations we need for our teenagers, particularly around devices.

Here are the highlights: 

{1:30} Sleep is the librarian of the brain 

{3:36} A bedroom is an environment to help unwind 

{5:21} The 4 basic rules 

{8:50} The self-soothe method 

{12:16} Useful techniques to help your child sleep 

{17:13} Worry balloons 

{22:25} Teenagers and the effects of puberty 

{25:39} Redressing the bedroom 


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