Episode 027: Stop Nagging and Get Children Listening
 I know we can all relate to this one! This week’s episode is all about how we can stop nagging and instead encourage our children to listen more, do more, and take on more responsibility. I can imagine a lot of you will be thinking this is an impossible task but I can reassure you there is a better way.  

I will talk you through my 3 simple steps and then gift you my How To sheet.  

It’s not a quick fix way, but a way which could genuinely be transformational for your family. It just has to start with some home truths and honesty and of course, in my usual way, I will say this all with love!! 

Here are the highlights: 

(06:11) Set clear and developmental appropriate expectations

(11:06) Every child can make a contribution

(13:43) Consequences work so much better than punishment

(15:26) You need to communicate these expectations effectively

(29:47) Follow through and be consistent

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