I am a psychologist and Mum of two. You might think my role involves a lot of telling people what to do, that I have a magic route map for success and happiness but what I have become surer of over the years is that the right route map differs wildly from one family to another. My job is therefore about supporting and allowing parents to bravely find their own unique way to empower their children to become their best selves. Once you allow your authentic voice to speak those day to day parenting challenges become easier to navigate. The route map becomes easier to read and parenting becomes a whole lot more enjoyable. My holistic approach integrates behavioral strategies, mindfulness, goal setting, and mindset shifting techniques. They have proved to be highly effective throughout my years as a one to one practitioner. I now want to reach out and share these resources with you.

Percentage of final exams I failed at 18 years.

Number of times I’ve lost my patience with my own children.

Number of years I’ve been a psychologist.

Number of nannies, teachers and carers I’ve trained in mental health.

On-line Library Access over 10 hours of pre-recorded and popular podcasts for you to download and listen to in the car, on your commute, or at any moment which fits with your family schedule

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Membership Community Forum A private forum for like-minded parents and carers to talk openly about your issues and know you won’t be judged

6 Bonus Workshops with Guest Experts Additional recorded workshops about nutrition, mindfulness, social media, growing up, and supporting children’s learning.

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