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You may be feeling overwhelmed with a parenting challenge which is taking up all your time. Maybe your child is struggling to get to sleep at night, you’re battling over schoolwork getting done, your child is feeling so anxious they can’t be separated from you, or they are reacting disproportionately to the smallest things, sending them into a rage.

Alternatively your child or teen might benefit from an hour directly with me working through a particular challenge they have. It could be they are struggling to stay motivated whilst being schooled at home, or their confidence isn’t where it once was, or they are finding their emotions difficult to manage. Whatever their challenge we can talk it through and create a positive plan for change.

Whatever it is the Power Hour is all about getting to the root of your issue and giving you practical step by step tools to shift you out of the overwhelm, so you feel back in control and moving forward more positively. It is likely we can work through it entirely in just 1 power hour, or we may choose to schedule another.

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