The current challenges our schools face in promoting positive emotional wellbeing for all children is unprecedented. Educating the whole child is more than just helping them achieve their academic potential; it’s about equipping them to thrive emotionally with life’s inevitable challenges. The research evidence is clear, emotionally resilient children become successful, happy adults. Yet with ever increasing numbers of children struggling with anxiety and low confidence, it can feel overwhelming as a school to know where to begin.

The aim of my Emotion Wellbeing Programme is to put a virtual village in place to support children, parents, and staff, who may be feeling more vulnerable than ever. The topics covered are intended to be bespoke and unique to each school.  Whilst there are likely to be common challenges across most schools, the specific needs of each parent and pupil body may be different

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I have worked with Dr Maryhan since early 2016 and she is fantastic. She delivers the Emotional Health training for our Kaya Nannies, where our goal is to equip our Kaya Nannies with the skills and tools to support our children on a day to day basis. Dr Maryhan is engaging, down to earth and she con...

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Jo Chavasse Founder of Freckles Childcare
Jo Chavasse

Dr Maryhan has been known to our school family for many years. In recent times this relationship has become more established and formalised, as she has responded to the needs of the pupils, their parents and the staff. Dr Maryhan has provided valuable 1:1 support and counselling for individual pupil...

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Clive Marriott Headmaster of Salisbury Cathedral School
Clive Marriott

Having found Dr Maryhan on Facebook as a stroke of luck I invited her in to talk about different ways in which she may be able to support my staff and pupils. We see more and more children with low self-esteem and the inability to self-regulate in terms of their emotions. Dr Maryhan, with her experi...

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Philippa Winbolt Headteacher at Dauntsey Academy Primary School
Philippa Winbolt
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