With ever increasing demands on all our lives it can feel overwhelming to know where to start when it comes to raising confident, resilient, happy children.

What I have learnt over my 20 years of supporting families is prevention is so much easier to put in place than cure, and education is key.

As a passionate parent advocate, I know you can do incredible things to support your children when you are taught practical, easy to implement strategies, which work!

So, I have taken what I do day to day and designed a number of online digital courses which tackle the biggest challenges you tell me you struggle with; helping children manage those big emotions, supporting children who worry a lot, managing the use of technology, and boosting your children’s confidence.

These online digital courses give you step by step video instructions to help you teach your child my go-to strategies. Helping you build your family toolkit. Every strategy has been tried and tested and successfully used by thousands of families where it has made a huge positive impact immediately.

The key is to be consistent, take your time, learn and grow in confidence together as a family. Please do not be tempted to make too many changes in one go – instead focus on one thing at a time. Once you have one strategy successfully in place, then move on to the next.

My physical products compliment my online digital courses and are tools I genuinely use each and every day when I work with children, families, and schools.

If you feel you need a little more hand holding as you work through my strategies then why not consider my membership. It’s a wonderful community of parents who benefit from weekly support from me and half-termly online workshops for their children.

See you on the inside!!

Digital Courses

£37.00/MONTH OR £370.00/YEAR

7 Steps To Calm Course

Anxiety Toolkit


Managing Kids & Tech Course

Physical Product

Shine Planner
From £27.99

The Confident Kids Card Decks
From £27.00

How Not To Screw Up My Kids Notebook

Gratitude Notebook

My Emotions Child’s Notebook

My Emotions Teens Notebook

Thoughts Feelings Goals: Quick Daily Reflections Journal, A5 Dark Blue Cover, 100 pages with prompts £4.99

Thoughts Feelings Goals: Quick daily reflections journal, A5 High Blue Cover, 100 pages with prompts, £4.99

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