Want to call time on your child's emotional meltdowns?


You’ve asked your child to hang up their coat or put the plates in the dishwasher and they’ve totally lost the plot?


Have you ever asked your child how their day went only to have an vicious verbal attack in return?


We’ve all been there right? 


Your child’s response seems so disproportionate, you’d think we’d cut off a limb, and yet to them it’s the end of their world and to us we’re struggling to know what to say and how to keep our own emotions in check.


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Does your child worry excessively?

Is your child going through a challenging time?

Does your child have low self confidence?

Do they struggle to manage their big emotions?

Join our webinar and the conversation on why we need to start the discussion  with the ‘why’, before we can work on the how.


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Sunday 22nd November


I'm Dr Maryhan

Dr Maryhan, is an experienced psychologist, parenting expert, and mother of two. For over 15 years she has been supporting children, teens, and young adults
struggling with low confidence and anxiety.

“You might think my role involves a lot of telling people what to do, that I have a magic route map for success and happiness. However, what I have become surer of over the years is that the right route map differs wildly from one family to another. My job is therefore focused on helping and supporting each family to create their own bespoke toolkit of practical tools and strategies; moving their child from angst to courage, so everyone feels confident, calm, and connected.”

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“The most valuable lesson we can teach our children is how to be happy and confident with who they are. Everything else falls into place when they truly believe in themselves.”



As a parent it can feel overwhelming to know where best to start. Your once happy go lucky child no longer believes in themselves; they don’t feel clever enough, popular enough, confident enough, fill in the blanks …… enough!!! They regularly complain of having a tummy ache, struggle to fall asleep at night, and their reactions to the most minor of situations sees them going from calm to explosion in the blink of an eye. You tell them regularly how incredible they are, praise them and remind them of all they have achieved, and yet their confidence is still rock bottom!! Why doesn’t your praise work??


With anxiety and stress on the increase it is likely your child will need some support getting through a challenging time in their life. Maybe they worry excessively, have low self confidence, struggle to manage their big emotions, or they find life’s challenges just too much. As parents we can often feel overwhelmed and at a loss as to how we can best support our children. Dr Maryhan, a Psychologist and Parenting Expert, will be talking on why we need to start with the why, before we can work on the how.

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What I know for sure is, if we want to raise confident, resilient, courageous children, and reduce anxiety, we have to look at the family as a whole. What works, what doesn’t, what are the common triggers, how do different family members react, what have you tried before, and in what ways have your own life experiences shaped your journey???


Join our webinar and start the conversation in your own family.


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Emma, Shaftesbury

Maryhan has been involved in all 3 of my children’s lives for one reason or another over the past 9 years. She has helped to develop social, emotional and educational skills tailored to each child. Her approach is so laid back and fun that the children didn’t even realize they were learning. I am so grateful to her for her support.


Kate, Salisbury

I have known Maryhan in her professional capacity for 12 years.  I liked her immediately, as have all my children, and respected her approach to child development.  She has the ability to see to the heart of the issue, and always been approachable and kind yet able to analyse and tackle the situation in a gentle yet assertive way.  I trust Maryhan’s analysis and approach.  She has always been able to identify the root cause of an issue and has given me an untold amount of support and advice on moving forward during times when I have felt very lost and worried about my children.  I feel so glad I met Maryhan as I feel we have all benefitted from the support she has given us.

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